95% of borrowers opted for a fixed-rate mortgage in June 2023

Personally, I will always opt for a fixed mortgage rate over a variable rate. It’s a decision based on your risk tolerance and overall budget. In a research report by National Bank Financial, a record 95% of borrowers opted for a fixed-rate mortgage in June. This is largely due to the uncertainty around the Bank […]

3 in 10 Canadian homeowners regret their mortgage choice

With the sharp rise in variable interest rates over the past year, many homeowners are regretting their current mortgage decision due to affordability and the increased cost of living. If this sounds like you – let’s talk. While fixed rates aren’t much lower than a variable at this time, we can look at your overall […]

I offer Canada-wide mortgage services

I’ve had the privilege of providing mortgage advice to friends from coast-to-coast from Kelowna to Saskatoon to St. John’s. I’ve completed many mortgages across Ontario in the GTA, Picton, Kingston and Cornwall (even one in St, John’s, Newfoundland)! Whether you’re in Kincardine, Peterborough, Oshawa, Ottawa, Montreal, west coast, east coast… Whether we are family or […]