I may be based in Ontario but I can assist clients in all provinces. In the summer, I helped clients on the east coast buy their first home. These clients came to me seeking advice early in the process – or so they thought. 

As first-time home buyers, they wanted to start a conversation to help them reach their goal of home ownership in about a year or so. They had a down payment saved but they weren’t sure what first-time homebuyer programs were right for them and what other closing costs would be. They had questions about rates, affordability and income qualifications.

After talking over their options and letting them know they were financially ready to look for houses, we decided to touch base again in a few months. A few weeks later, plans changed. Their landlord was selling. Instead of renting, they wanted to buy as they knew they could from our previous conversations.

We got a pre-approval and rate hold in place as they started to search. Two offers later and a house was theirs. We decided to go with a lender offering portability, low early payout penalties and a blended rate option if rates decrease before their term ends. I found the best solution for them now while considering future plans.