A few months ago, I met a good friend from Ottawa for dinner in Brockville. As our conversation turned to my new career and how it was going, she sheepishly mentioned that a family member is currently their trusted mortgage professional and she won’t be a client of mine.

I’ve had this conversation a few times over the past few months and I want to reassure anyone in my network – our personal relationship will not be impacted if we don’t work together on your mortgage.

I want what is best for you. Stay the course with the plan you’ve created with your existing agent or bank. Stay with the fabulous agent who gave great customer service. Stay with your uncle who has done every mortgage in your family for decades. I’ll be here if you need me but there are no hard feelings.

There are other ways you can support me if you choose. Send me a referral or like, share or comment on my social media posts. Or don’t – we are still friends.